Adventure enthusiasts promote microlight journeys in India

Two youngsters from Bhopal have travelled to different cites via a microlight aircraft and look forward to spreading the word-so that other like-minded people join the bandwagon.

Atul Saksena and Vinod Singh, both active adventure sports enthusiasts, undertook a journey to Indore and had earlier flown to Pune.

Speaking before his flight to Indore, Saksena said on Monday, that he wanted more people to take up this sport as it was safe and they would feel the adrenaline racing through their body.

“Through this we want to tell everyone that this is a very good adventure sport and anyone who wants to fly in it can do so safely. We really want to promote this. Before a trip from Bhopal to Indore, we had undertaken a trip to Pune from Bhopal. There is no chance of any accident or mishap happening as we have a seat belt on. It’s a lot of enjoyment,” said Saksena.

A group of onlookers was delighted to see the duo fly in the sky on their microlight aircraft.

A two-seater microlight aircraft is actually a fixed wing aircraft with a maximum all up weight not more than 450 kilograms.

It has a wing area not less than 10 square metres and the aircraft is designed in such a way that it cannot carry more than two persons. (ANI)

via-  Adventure enthusiasts promote microlight journeys in India.


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