Scuba Diving in Mexico

English: SCUBA diving Español: Buceo SCUBA

Scuba diving (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Scuba diving is one of the most popular activities during any Mexico beach vacation. A number of popular Mexican resorts offer lucrative deals to vacationers that combine scuba diving with accommodation and other travel plans.


Cozumel must be a great place for experiencing the thrill and excitement of scuba diving, either as a rookie or a veteran. Cozumel is located only 12 miles from the tip of the Yucatan Peninsula, and scuba diving in that place is known for the gorgeous reefs that stretch along its coast. In addition to great shopping and exciting nightlife, Cozumel boasts of an intricate underwater landscape, which is one of the finest in the world. In Cozumel, a scuba diver discovers a dazzling underwater world with cliffs, canyons and underwater vegetation. Friendly fish flock to these underwater paradises for food and scuba diving travelers cherish the opportunity of swimming alongside schools of angelfish and other forms of sea life.


Another popular spot for scuba divers on the Yucatan is Cancun. Cancun is called a Mecca for boating and fishing enthusiasts, with scuba diving being one of the most popular activities in the area. You will struggle to find a hotel in Cancun that does not offer packages for scuba diving. And these hotels have solid reasons for offering such a package. Divers may choose one from two popular locations – the shallow and colorful reefs off Playa Del Carman and Chinchorro Banks, which offers access to the second largest barrier reef in the world (after Australia’s Great Barrier Reef). Scuba diving in Cancun is a great choice for divers of every level. In Cancun, you also find plenty of other entertainment, such as visiting nearby Mayan ruins or just hanging out on the beach.


One of the most popular scuba diving spots in the world is Puerto Vallarta. Scuba diving in Puerto Vallarta is a rare experience, much like that in the nearby islands and bays, such as Los Arcos, and Majahuitas. The Marietas islands have been designated as protected underwater national parks. If you scuba dive in Puerto Vallarta between December and April, you will enjoy the company of humpback whales, as the mammals migrate to the warms seas off the coast each winter. Whale sharks, dolphins, sea turtles and a variety of tropical fish also make this safe haven their home. Scuba diving in Puerto Vallarta is really a great adventure for anyone enjoying a Mexico beach vacation in the area.


Puerto Vallarta, Cancun and Cozumel may be some of the more famous spots for scuba diving, but there are some lovely spots off the coast of Cabo San Lucas and La Paz as well. Depending on the length of your Mexico beach vacation, you may well decide to take a day or two to explore all that scuba diving has to offer. Day trips, as well as longer boating excursions, are available in good numbers. Winter is by far the best season for scuba diving, as the largest number of sea creatures then migrate to the warm waters of Mexico. If you have any plan to scuba dive during this time, be sure to book well ahead of time to avoid the great rush of travelers. It does not matter whether it is your first or your hundredth dive; the truth is that scuba diving in Mexico is truly an experience not to be forgotten in a hurry


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