Adventure sports by armed forces professionals on occasion of Vijay Diwas for Lucknowites

English: Flag of Indian Army

Indian Army Flag(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thousands of Lucknowites got a rare glimpse of adventure sports and events on Sunday afternoon as army personnel performed dare devil stunts on land and air at the Butchery Ground to mark the golden jubilee celebrations of the Central Command. The biggest crowd puller, the Sukhoi fly pass could not take place due to bad weather, said army officials.Sunday also marked Vijay Diwas, which marks the completion of 41 years of India’s victory over Pakistan in the 1971 Indo-Pak war. Officials feel that close experience of adventure sports as well as that of defence personnel’s life will encourage more and more students to opt for the armed forces.The helicopters were the first to charge up the crowd consisting of close to 1,500 to 2,000 people with their manoeuvring skills followed by a polo game. Pushpak, the paramotor expedition team of army set the crowd’s pulse racing, as the motor powered paragliders waved over the gathering. The crowd also responded with same enthusiasm. At the same time over one dozen vintage cars queued up in front of the crowd. The 1926 model Baby Austin stole the vintage car rally show, while 1936 Chevrolet Deluxe and iconic World War-II jeep Willys, also held the fans in awe.The crowd was then overjoyed to see paratroopers descending on the ground from over 3,000 feet, the first paratrooper Naik Toofan Singh who had accomplished 680 such feats, was welcomed with the loudest cheer. And so was the excitement to see 16 jawans of the Punjab Regiment Corps in a formation over motorcycles.The public as well as dignitaries including UP governor BL Joshi and former chief of staff Deepak Kapoor sat through the evening to savour sky diving, polo game, vintage car rally, motorbike show, among other activities. Senior army officials Lt Gen A K Mishra and Lt Gen A K Chait were also seen enjoying the events.

via Adventure sports excite Lucknow residents on weekend – The Times of India.


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