Now enjoy a birds eye view of Nilgiris bio-reserve from a hot-air balloon

English: A hot air balloon in flight at the Mi...


Tamil Nadu and Puducherry chapter of the National Adventure Foundation, an approved organisation by the government of India is organising a tethered hot-air balloon experience for residents of Coimbatore at an open field adjacent to a famous water theme-park and resort on Ooty Main Road near Mettupalayam.


“The main idea of the event is to offer an opportunity for adventure buffs and aviation sports enthusiasts to get full experience of flying on a hot-air balloon. About three adults and two children can take the balloon ride at once. We will also have a pilot inside the balloon to control it,” said Group Captain Jayashankar (Rrtd), advisor, National Adventure Foundation.


The event is being organised as part of the Adventure Sports Carnival and will be open from 6.30 am to 8.30 am from December 21 to 30. The balloon will be tethered to the ground and will be allowed to have a controlled flight due to safety concerns. According to the organisers, hot-air balloon tethered flights are usually conducted either early in the morning or during dusk hours.


“As per the wind conditions prevailing in Coimbatore, the morning hours are more suitable for conducting flights. We are also planning to include various students and members from educational institutions and other organisations to experience the ride,” Jayashankar added.


The organisers added that the venue is directly behind the water theme park and interested people can directly drive up to the venue which will be visible from Ooty Main Road and register for the balloon flight.


“Organising expenses of Rs 350 per person will be collected,” Jayashankar added.


via Enjoy a bird’s eye view of Nilgiris bio-reserve from a hot-air balloon – Times Of India.





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