Extreme Invasion to thrill audiences with adventure sports this summer

Extreme Invasion, an extreme sports event property initiated and owned by Brand Promotions India is set to bring some extreme adventures sports like skateboarding, BMX (bicycle motocross) and inline skating to India. The event is being organized in association with Asian Extreme Sports Federation (AXF) and will take place in Bangalore on May 25 at Malleshwaram ground and in Mumbai on June 1 at the JVPD ground.

Extreme Invasion has been built for an audience that has a penchant for speed and adventure. Hence to bring these factors to the table, the event will feature internationally renowned and professional athletes such as Chatchalearm Chaivirojvit (BMX), Jeerasak Tassorn ( Inline Skating) and Braxton Haine (Skate boarding) who will each demonstrate skills in their area of expertise for the audiences in both the cities. Another attraction of the event is the ‘India Hour’ workshop where local players will get a chance to display their talent and skills on the park-style ramp specially built for these activities.

Commenting on the initiation of the property and the rationale behind it, Sunil Kutty Menon, Owner of Extreme Invasion and Director, Brand Promotions said: “Extreme sports always excited us and India desperately needed a low investment, high energy and stylish sport. Travelling across, this sport has always fascinated us and so we decided that India with its high level of fearless and energetic youth will do well in this sport. We are in the process of forming a federation, to grow the sport in India. We have imported the ramp and have lot of plans for the future of the 3 sports.”

Speaking about associating with AXF, Menon, said: “AXF had its foot prints in all South Asian countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Japan etc, but they were unable to find like-minded people or partners who could invest on the demos and ramp in India. Post multiple meetings in Bangkok and India we signed off a 3 year mandate to run and demonstrate the games.”

Menon further added: “We are thankful to the Asian Federation of Extreme Sports for believing in us and giving us the mandate to do multiple demo tours in India. They have been a great support to us in helping us select world class rank holding athletes to perform in the event. AXF also helped us in sourcing the park style ramp which has been made by the official ramp builder of the Olympic Council. Through such events we intend to encourage local talent to take up these sports professionally.”

The event will see B-Boying and other such musical performances being interspersed with these extreme sport demos. The demos performed by the athletes will be held for approximately 15-20 minutes. The event claims to be a four hour extravaganza of fun, adventure and complete entertainment.

DJ Mark has been entrusted with the responsibility of playing foot tapping music whereas host for the evening, Abbas will look after audience engagement. Sound and light requirements are being handled J Davis Prosound & Lighting.

Brands that have come forward to partner the event are BIG RTL Thrill, Youth Incorporated, EVENTFAQS, Radio City, Ibis, VITS, Firefox and Woodland.

via EVENTFAQS – Extreme Invasion to thrill audiences with adventure sports this summer.


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