First Indian woman mountaineer to summit in all continents

Premlata Agrawal, the first Indian woman mountaineer to scale seven world summits, in New Delhi. Photo: Monica Tiwari.

Premlata Agrawal first Indian woman mountaineer to complete the Seven Summits makes India proud by accomplishing one of the biggest mountaineering challenges in the world at the age of 50!

The height of her spirit for adventure reached a crescendo as ace woman mountaineer, Premlata Agrawal marked her imprint atop Alaska’s McKinley Peak and planted the Indian Tricolor as completion to scaling the SEVEN CONTINENTAL PEAKS on May 23, 2013. With this, she became the first Indian woman mountaineer to step on the highest peak of North America. She was felicitated for this momentous achievement on her return to India, here in the capital today.

On each of the seven continents, there is one peak that stands above the rest. The Seven Summits present different challenges that have to be overcome with extreme and testing fortitude. Summiting all of them is regarded as one of the world’s biggest mountaineering challenge. Seven Summits has become the dream of many climbers, but only a select few have succeeded. Premlata now proudly belongs to this group.

Speaking on her triumphant return, Premlata Agrawal said, “I am extremely proud to have accomplished this achievement on behalf of my country and all the women who live here with courage and determination. This experience has again taught me that if you have the will and focus, no matter where you come from, you can conquer the world.”

Also present on the occasion and the key facilitator for her homecoming was Member of Parliament, Dr. Ajay Kumar from Jamshedpur (Jharkhand); belonging to Premlata’s family’s hometown. Dr. Kumar said, “Premlata has been a reason for us at Jharkhand to be proud since a long time. She is now a national source of inspiration to all and I’d like to offer her our deepest respect and congratulations.”

The unassuming housewife who ventured out of the kitchen to give shape to all mountaineers’ greatest dream, worked towards her passion for heights starting at the age of 35 when she undertook the Dalma (hill) trek 13 years ago. That was the starting point that led to the now famous Thar Camel Expedition, the ascent of Mt Kilimanjaro before setting foot on the world’s highest peak, Mt Everest, on 20th May, 2011. This feat provided her the vision to want to plant the Tri Color on all the Continental Peaks – The Seven Summits.

Ace mountaineer and the first Indian woman to scale Mt Everest, Tata Steel and Ms Bachendri Pal have played a key role in discovering and encouraging Premlata’s talent to be able to achieve success via rigorous training and mental coaching.

Just before Premlata embarked on the ascent of McKinley Peak to cap off her Seven Continental Peaks’ successful climbs, the Government of India awarded her The Padmashree Honor for her trail-blazing achievements.


To quote Premlata further, “Even when foul weather thwarted my initial attempt of planting my National Flag atop Mt Denali, my determination to climb this peak did not fizzle out; instead, it re-bolstered my will to start anew and ascend Denali. What egged me on in overcoming the toughest of obstacles during my ascents was the fire covering my spirit to achieve in the form of our Tricolour wrapped around me, which, I have planted atop each of the seven Continental Peaks with the pride of being an Indian woman.”

“My most cherished desire is to draw forth Indian women out of their routine household chores and imbibe in them the exciting and indefatigable spirit of adventure that will instill in them the confidence to tackle all situations.”

Premlata achieved the scaling of key International peaks basis the below calendar:

Continent                         Peak                        Elev-M              Country            Date of assent

1.Asia                                Mount Everest      8848              China/Nepal                 May 20th., 2011

2. South America        Aconcagua               6962              Argentina                       Feb 10th. 2012

3. North America        Mount McKinley    6194              United States                May, 2013

4.  Africa                          Kilimanjaro              5895             Tanzania                         June 6th.2008

5. Europe                         Elbrus                         5642             Russia                              August 12th.,2012

6.  Antarctica                 Vinson Massif          4892             Antarctica                    January 5th.,2013

7.  Australia-Oceania Carstensz Pyramid 4884             Indonesia                     October 22nd.,2012

via Premlata Agrawal first Indian woman mountaineer to complete the Seven Summits.


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