Summer Swell Challenge 2013 at surfing paradise Pondichery this month

The Summer Swell Challenge is returning for a second and bigger edition this August. The beautiful seacoast of Pondicherry will be hosting India’s only international surf competition.

India is relatively new to the joys of surfing on the ocean waves, but the trend is gradually picking up. Even though it is still in the process of developing and thriving, India is inevitably going to see a growth in the number surfers due to its vast coastlines. And what better way to be part of this vogue than a youth culture and action sports festival?

You can look forward to high levels of surfing on our local tides with two judges from Australia and one from France. And if you’ve never surfed before, fear not! You will receive just the right amount of enthusiasm, inspiration, passion and positive encouragement from the right sources. This is your perfect starting point!

The competition will have 100 surfers from across India and over 25 surfers from across the globe showcasing their talent in the various categories. Over 1500 people are expected to attend the event over three days. Here’s an unforgettable experience suitable for all ages of both amateur and experienced surfers.

If you are already feeling the excitement, this is just the tip of the iceberg! The action doesn’t end on the shore – exceptionally talented skaters will host some eye opening tricks on the skate ramp. And they’re providing something for every event-goer. You can look forward to live music from the decks by talented DJs, along with art installations and yoga training by the most creative people from Southern India.

Venue & Dates:

August 23 – 25: Seagull’s Beach Front, Pondicherry

To register for the competition, write in with your name, age, address and identification to For more information, visit

See the teaser here.

via Summer Swell Challenge 2013 Surfing | The Caravan – A Journal of Politics and Culture.


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