A rendezvous in God’s Own Country

Kerala provides a wonderful delight for any type of tourists. With monsoon in full swing in Kerala, the country side is a feast for eyes. After all everyone is welcome and accepted in God’s own country in equal rights. From back water to pristine beaches, from dense forest of western ghat to heritage walks in Cochin, erstwhile Ernakulum provides an unmatched experience. This photo blog is a journey of the Kerala and Cochin in particular.

A well deserved Sunday started with visit to Fort Kochi. And I rode a “Porsche”, with its Indian avatar. Fishing nets in Cochin have long been associated with the iconic image of Cochin. And God’s own country is incomplete with fish, aka fishing net is just an extension of this brand image.

The fishermens’ hut and their boats provide a vivid image for any lens man. I tried to capture some in my camera.

As I walked down the road of fort Kochi, the memories of ancient tales and the saga of invasion of India engulfed me through different facet of the city.

St Francis church at Fort Kochi, the only church left undiminished by the King of Kochin, the Periyars stands tall to its name.

Santa Cruz brasilia in Fort Kochi.

Pardesi Synagouge in fort Kochi. This one of the heritage site as described by Jews.

A monument in Fort Cochin.

And atlast, my ride. The “Porsche”. This is the king of Indian road and simply said an “auto”.


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