Adventure festival time in spectacular Gujrat

Saputara Paragliding festival, organized by Gujarat tourism department to attract more and more tourists and adventure freaks to the state was kicked off in 25th Dec. This seven-day festival has become a hit on the first day itself as tickets for paragliding are sold out, kids para sailing is packed and even Zorbic balls and Water rollers have become a favourite for tourists. 130 metre-long Zip lines and Hi-rope bridges for adventure lovers along with artificial rock climbing wall has given a breath of fresh air to tourists flocking for weekend leisure and adventure activities.


The paragliding festival has 16 pilot paragliders and tourists can piggyback with them to enjoy the thrills of gliding in the sky from the height of 900 to 1000 metres. Nearly 100 tourists got the thrill of their life after gliding through the air with 16 trained paragliders. There are two Russian paragliders, including a woman, one French and one Chinese gliders, who is a woman, and others are from different parts of the country.


A Zip line set up for down ward slide is become an attraction as one can zip through in few seconds. High rope bridges made between three-four tall trees is a favorite spot for the adventure climbers along with Rock climbing wall. 



Similarly the International Kite Festival 2014 is planned to be held in Ahmedabad from 7th to 15 Jan 2014. “Uttarayan” being celebrated across Gujarat, with major centers of kite-flying in Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara, Rajkot, Nadiad, among others. Kites of all shapes and sizes are flown, and the main competition is to battle nearby kite-flyers to cut their strings and bring down their kites. For this, people find their favored kite-makers who prepare strong resilient kite bodies with springy bamboo frames and kite-paper stretched to exactly the right tension. Lastly, the kites are attached to a spool (or firkin) of manja, special kite-string coated with a mixture of glue and glass to be as sharp as possible for cutting strings of rival kites. Production of kites and kite supplies can be seen on the streets of Ahmedabad beginning in November, to get ready for Uttarayan, and nowhere more so than in Patang Bazaar, the special kite market that appears in the old city. For the week preceding the festival, it is open 24 hours a day for all kite lovers to stock up for the festivities.

via 7-day paragliding festival kicks off in Saputara – Times Of India.



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