India’s biggest Para motor show

A flying carnival, touted as the largest paramotor air show in India’s history, began in scenic Kukurapohia village in Sivasagar town of Assam over the weekend.The Sivasagar Flying Carnival 2014 was inaugurated by Arunachal Pradesh Governor Lt.Gov. retired Nirbhay Sharma.The speaker of the Assam Legislative Assembly, Pranab Gogoi, and state Transport and Tourism Minister Chandan Brahma were also present during the inaugural ceremony.The two-day flying carnival has been organised by the Sivasagar-based Cross Country Flying Club in association with the Assam Tourism Development Corporation.Soon after the inauguration, registered participants from across the country showcased their astonishing paramotor skills.General Secretary of the Cross Country Flying Club, Rajiv Hazarika, said people are excited to be a part of country’s biggest paramotor show.”We are organising the biggest paramotor airshow in India. 25 pilots are participating and this is a sight no one has ever seen in India. Everyone is enjoying it,” said Hazarika.The event has been organised with the aim of promoting aero-sports in the region and the carnival is also displaying remote-controlled aircrafts and helicopters from various parts of India and traditional dance performances as well.A participant at the event, Colonel Retd H.K. SIL, also shared his experience.”This flying carnival that is being held in Assam is a unique event because such a festival has not ever been held in India, none of the cities which claim to be leading paramotoring or paragliding cities have conducted this. So, it is something really unique and great,” he said.Paramotor, also referred to as powered paragliding, is one of the many adventure sports and the cheapest form of flying. It is a form of aviation. Here, the pilot wears a motor on to his back, which provides enough power to take off in the air with the help of an adapted paraglider or paramotor wing.

via Para motorists fly high in Assam’s biggest air show | Business Standard.


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