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Adventure…A life of challenges

The ever quenching thirst of man to explore, venture into the unknown and raise the spirit of human endeavour is unbound. The very purpose of human existence is to able the unable, reach the unreachable and scale the unscalable. We salute your spirit of adventure and toil to educate, enrich, enlighten and expose different facet of this sports by bringing adventure stories across India & the world.

Sambit is an adventurer, explorer, sports fanatic, avid golfer, voracious reader, amateur photographer, cleantech enthusiast, traveller and self-professed gadget guru. An ex armed force officer, he has many audacious adventure stories to tell. His rendezvous with the sports took shape while in Army. While leading a back pack life through out his tenure with the forces, he has experienced the rough weather in Himalayas to the dense jungle in the North East, from the treacherous mountains in Zaksar ranges to the arid desert of Rajastan. Currently he travels, shoots and blogs from for fun, food and fiesta called life.


7 thoughts on “About the blogger

  1. HI Sambit,

    You are dong an amazing job. I am from Orissa, and I would like to invest in Water sports in Orissa. Can you please let me know your contact. no

    • Dear Tapan,

      Thanks for stopping by my blog. Odisha has got immense potential for adventure sports activities.Of late, OTDC has also started recognizing the same as source of revenue, livelihood and attraction for niche tourists. There are some sound properties on lease by OTDC where on can start a facility with minimum investment and a decent ROI. With some deep pocket investors the opportunity is abound. I have mailed my details to your email id.


    • Dear Col Malik,

      Congratulation for the feat. No doubt that both you daughters will carve a niche in the field of mountaineering and make you & the country proud. All kudos to you for encouraging your daughters to take an off beat activity like mountaineering. All the best for their preparation and the summit. If possible please share me some multimedia or more news to cover the event for my readers. Good luck & God speed. Sambit

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