Ronautica to host stand up paddling and ski surfing races on the Pearl-Qatar beach

The Pearl-Qatar

The Pearl-Qatar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Every second Friday of each month, local residents and visitors are invited to The Pearl-Qatar beach to participate in the Open Water Paddle Series 2012-2013 event organized by Ronautica ME.


Starting from the beach at 31 La Croisette in Porto Arabia, race courses of three and nine kilometers are set for Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) racing, while race courses for Surf Skis and Kayaks extend to nine and 12 kilometers respectively. The SUP and Surf Ski paddling races were launched in November and will continue until May 10, 2013.


SUP and Surf Ski paddling are among the fastest growing forms of recreation and are becoming two of the most popular water sports in Qatar. They qualify as stress-reducing activities that are relaxing, invigorating and very healthy, in addition to being accessible for people of all ages and abilities.


The “Paddle de Pearl” event was successfully held last June 2012 at the Lido Venezia beach at Qanat Quartier, with ten Stand Up paddlers and nine Surf Ski paddlers participating.


“While water racing is one of the fastest growing types of marine sports around the world, SUP is a low-impact sport that not only improves balance and coordination, but also develops strength and endurance,” stated the organizing committee of marine sports racing at The Pearl-Qatar following the high levels of support and positive feedback received from competitors, residents and spectators. “SUP is most popular among athletes, as it is easy to learn, and provides an effective exercise to feet, back, arms and neck muscles, in parallel with core muscles of the body.”


With its pleasant waters, safe beaches and world-class equipment, The Pearl-Qatar represents an ideal location for these types of water activities.


via Ronautica to host stand up paddling and ski surfing races on The Pearl-Qatar beach | Al Bawaba.




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